My 2022 Publications & Talks

Updated 13 Jan 2023

Here are my 2022 publications:

Pielke Jr, R., Burgess, M. G., & Ritchie, J. (2022). Plausible 2005-2050 emissions scenarios project between 2 and 3 degrees C of warming by 2100Environmental Research Letters.

Pielke Jr., R. 2022. Making Sense of Debate Over Transgender Athletes in Olympic Sport, Chapter in H. Lenskyj and A. Greey 2022, eds. Sport, Sex, and Difference: The Struggle for Trans Athletes’ Justice in the 21st Century, (Emerald Publishers).

Pielke Jr. R. 2022. What you really need to know about heat waves — and why it’ll surprise you, NY Post, 20 July.

Pielke Jr., R. 2022. The Truth Matters, SPORT & POLITICS Nr. 3

Pielke Jr., R. 2022. Stuck Between Climate Doom and Denial, The New Atlantis, Summer.

Burgess, M. G., Pielke Jr, R., & Ritchie, J. (2022). Catastrophic climate risks should be neither understated nor overstatedProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences119(42), e2214347119.

Here are some of my 2022 talks:

Science Advice Under Pressure, Brussels, Belgium:

My talk at the 2022 Scenarios Forum in Laxenburg, Austria

Catastrophes of the 21st Century, University of Oxford, UK

Climate Misinformation, National Association of Scholars, Washington, DC

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