This UKAD storm could put Great Britain alongside Russia in the rogues gallery of rule breakers

Elite sport can sound like an alphabet soup of organisations – WADA, NADO, UKAD, NGB, and on – but what these bodies do, and how they conduct themselves, is vital to the integrity of sport.

That the World Anti-Doping Agency are now investigating a NADO (a national anti-doping organisation, in this case, UK Anti-Doping Agency) for letting a National Governing Body (British Cycling) do their own anti-doping probes and tests before London 2012 is a big deal. . .

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Disaster Normalization Literature Review: Continued

Earlier this year a paper of mine was published that review more than 50 studies that employ “normalization” methodologies to assess disaster losses over time.

Pielke, R. (2020). Economic ‘normalisation’ of disaster losses 1998–2020: a literature review and assessmentEnvironmental Hazards, 1-19.

Here I will continue to track literature that has been published since my review was completed.

Sajjad, M., & Chan, J. C. (2020). Tropical Cyclone Impacts on Cities: A Case of Hong KongFrontiers in Built Environment6, 172.

“It is important to note that through there is a significant increase in the TC-related non-normalized damages (95% confidence), this trend becomes insignificant after normalizing the damages with the corresponding years GDP. This finding is in line with the existing literature . . .”