Interview in Cycling Weekly on Doping


At Cycling Weekly I and two other experts are asked 10 questions about doping in sport. Here is how the discussion is introduced:

At the end of March, Cycling Weekly co-hosted with the University of Brighton a live debate on the future of anti-doping.

The event was inspired by two comment pieces, the first by sports ethics specialist Dr Paul Dimeo, who called for a revolution in anti-doping policy — a complete re-evaluation of what we mean by ‘cheating’.

In response, substance-detection specialist Professor Yannis Pitsiladis countered that current anti-doping measures can succeed provided they evolve via improved testing and more severely punitive deterrents.

Thus the debate was sparked — anti-doping: evolution or revolution?

Now, as a follow-up to the live debate, we have brought together Dimeo and Pitsiladis with Dr Roger Pielke, political scientist and author of The Edge: The War Against Cheating and Corruption in the Cutthroat World of Elite Sports, and asked them 10 questions that cut to the heart of the difficulties sport faces in eradicating cheating with banned substances.

Read the whole discussion here. Comments welcomed.

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