Op-Ed at The Denver Post on Sport Organization Accountability

I recently had an op-ed in The Denver Post on accountability of sports organizations. Here is an excerpt:

The spectacle of actual or perceived conflicts of interest cast a pall on both the USADA and the IAAF, which have public interest mandates to enforce the rules of sport. For too long, sports organizations have sat outside the public eye, letting the spectacle of the games distract us from how they do business. In case after case, we have come to learn that the way that they do business, at times, leaves a lot to be desired.

Read the whole thing here.

College Football Millionaires


Big-time college sports are at the center of numerous controversies and debates these days. In my latest column at Sporting Intelligence I take a close look at the universities that contribute the most players to the NFL (here is the link). The oft-cited statistic that very few athletes wind up going pro holds when looking at NCAA football as a whole, but when looking at the top programs, things look quite different.

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