Syllabus: Intro to Sports Governance, Spring 2017


Here is a linkĀ (PDF) to a near-final version of my spring 2017 syllabus for Introduction for Sports Governance (ETHN 3104) here at the University of Colorado Boulder. This semester, with the help of Spencer Harris at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, we will be running a “mirrored” section on that campus.

The course has plenty of space, because we meet in the biggest room in the Champions Center. So if you are an interested student, please sign up. Also, I welcome senior auditors — those 55+ who get to take classes at CU for free. Just let me know if you are in the community and want to enroll. Every semester I have had several senior auditors and they always add to the class.

Course guests this term (so far) include Mark Johnson, Travis Tygart, Kara Goucher, Casey Malone, Mike Macintyre, Tad Boyle, Ceal Barry, Phil Distefano and Rick George. More are invited, stay tuned. Meantime, comments and suggestions on the syllabus are always welcomed.

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