My Fall 2018 Graduate Seminar Syllabus: Science, Technology and Society


Here in PDF is my graduate seminar syllabus for this fall for ENVS 5110, Science, Technology and Society. This is most likely the last time this course will be taught at CU Boulder as the campus is ending our Graduate Certificate Program in Science and Technology Policy after 15 years.

Comments welcomed. As time allows I’ll post at this blog on the course and its ample supply of diverse readings. I am really excited to dive into these books and articles with the class. Lots of fun stuff to explore.

A Simple Rule: Program Death Penalty for Killing an Athlete


In February 2002, Daniel F. Reardon, a 19 year-old University of Maryland student, drank himself to death at the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity.  The institutional response was quick: the University of Maryland suspended the fraternity and the national accrediting body for the fraternity revoked its charterThe general principle here seems obvious: if your campus-affiliated organization shares in responsibility for the death of a college student, then your organization is penalized, perhaps even losing its right to exist. However, there is apparently an important exception to this general rule for university football programs. There should not be.

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My 2018 Publications and Talks


updated 4 September 2018


Pielke Jr., R. (2018). The Rightful Place of Science: Disasters and Climate Change, 2nd Edition (ASU/CSPO). (Amazon)

Pielke, Jr., R. and E. Boye, (2018, submitted). Scientific Integrity and Anti-Doping Regulation, International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics.

Pielke, Jr., R., R. Tucker and E. Boye, (2018, submitted). Serious Problems Found in a Partial Replication of Bernier and Garnier (2017), British Journal of Sports Medicine. (PDF)

Pielke, R. (2018). Assessing Doping Prevalence is Possible. So What Are We Waiting For?. Sports Medicine, 48(1), 207-209.

Klotzbach, P. J., Bowen, S. G., Pielke Jr, R., & Bell, M. (2018). Continental United States hurricane landfall frequency and associated damage: Observations and future risks. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, July:1359-1377.

Weinkle, J. and R. Pielke, Jr. (2018). Weather and Climate Damage Studies, Oxford Bibliographies: Geography, DOI: 10.1093/OBO/9780199874002-0194.

Pielke, Jr. R. (2018). Opening Up the Climate Policy Envelope. Issues in Science and Technology, 34, no. 4 (Summer). (HTML) (PDF)

Pielke, Jr., R. (2018). Some Good News—About Natural Disasters, of All Things, Wall Street Journal, 4 August. (WSJ $) (HTML)

Pielke, Jr. R. (2018). Weather-related natural disasters 2017: Was this a reversion to the mean?, Risk Frontiers (HTML)

Pielke, Jr., R. (2018). IAAF Opens up on Testosterone: Some Reactions, Sports Integrity Initiative. (HTML)

Pielke, Jr., R. (2018). A Call for Bermon and Garnier (2017) to be Retracted, Sports Integrity Initiative. (HTML)

Pielke, Jr., R. (2018). Science Communication as Intellectual Hospitality, The Honest Broker. (HTML)

Pielke, Jr., R. (2018). Donald Trump isn’t waging war on science. He just doesn’t care, The Guardian. (HTML)

Pielke on Climate #8 (link)

Pielke on Climate #9 (link)

Pielke on Climate #10 (link)

Pielke on Climate #11 (link)

Pielke on Climate #12 (link)

Pielke on Climate #13 (link)


  • Scientific Authority and Political Myth, May 2018, Lyon, France
  • How University Faculty Can Help Fix College Athletics, April 2018, Boulder
  • Extreme Weather and Climate Change: Science and Politics, May 2018, Tokyo, Japan
  • Seven Things Everyone Should Know About Climate Policy, June 2018, Tokyo, Japan
  • Extreme Politics and Extreme Weather, April 2018, University of Minnesota
  • Misusing the Future, February 2018, Tokyo, Japan

Some Recent Talks on Climate: Updated


These days I am giving a few talks on issues related to climate change. So I am trying to make them count. This page is an effort to organize these, mainly for myself. If you’d like to borrow PPT slides from the talks just drop me an email.

Some recent talks:

  • Seven Things Everyone Should Know About Climate Policy, June 2018, Tokyo
  • Extreme Politics and Extreme Weather , April 2018, University of Minnesota
  • Misusing the Future, February 2018, Tokyo
  • Climate Politics as Manichean Paranoia, July 2017, London
  • You Can’t Say That! Journalism, Science and Politics, November 2015, Delft