Op-Ed in the NYT: Science, Sex & Sports

In the New York Times today I have a piece on the case of Dutee Chand, the Indian sprinter who fell afoul of regulations governing who gets to participate in women’s athletics events.

The issue is highly complex and a canonical case study in the challenges of trying to use science to settle contested policy issues. You can read the op-ed here.

The Honest Broker, Second Edition

hb_coverI am happy to announce that I’ve committed to a second edition of The Honest Broker. In the coming months I’ll post up a table of contents and some details. There will be lots of new material and many updated cases/examples.

If you have comments or suggestions, I welcome them.

My Bridges Columns 2005-2014 in a new eBook

For 10 years, 2005-2014 I wrote a quarterly column for Bridges, a newsletter on science policy by the staff of the Office of Science & Technology at the Austrian embassy in Washington, DC.  Thanks to Ami Nacu-Schmidt here at CSTPR all my columns have been formatted into an eBook, which you can download free.

Pielke, Jr., R. A. (2015), Pielke’s Perspective: A Collection of Articles from Bridges, OST’s Publication on Science & Technology Policy., 93 pp., Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, Published July 2015. (PDF)

Thanks to the editors and staff of the OST and the Austrian government for hosting my writing over the years!