Disaster Normalization Literature Review: Continued

Earlier this year a paper of mine was published that review more than 50 studies that employ “normalization” methodologies to assess disaster losses over time.

Pielke, R. (2020). Economic ‘normalisation’ of disaster losses 1998–2020: a literature review and assessmentEnvironmental Hazards, 1-19.

Here I will continue to track literature that has been published since my review was completed.

Sajjad, M., & Chan, J. C. (2020). Tropical Cyclone Impacts on Cities: A Case of Hong KongFrontiers in Built Environment6, 172.

“It is important to note that through there is a significant increase in the TC-related non-normalized damages (95% confidence), this trend becomes insignificant after normalizing the damages with the corresponding years GDP. This finding is in line with the existing literature . . .”

Some Data and Analysis on Diversity at CU Boulder

In this post I’ll share some of the data and analysis I’ve been compiling on diversity at the University of Colorado Boulder, where I am a professor. There is no way to sugar-coat this data — CU Boulder has a lot of work to do on diversity.

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