My 2020 Publications, Podcasts and Videos

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Updated: 21 Dec 2020

All my 2020 publications, podcasts and videos after the break …

Academic Papers

Pielke, Jr., R. and S. Harris. 2020. Sport Research and the Policy Movement, European Journal for Sport and Society.

Pielke Jr, R., Harris, S., Adler, J., Sutherland, S., Houser, R., & McCabe, J. 2020. An evaluation of good governance in US Olympic sport National Governing BodiesEuropean Sport Management Quarterly20(4), 480-499.

Pielke, Jr., R. and N. Lane, 2020. Memo for President Biden: Five steps to getting more from science, Nature, 8 November.

Pielke, Jr., R. 2020. A “Sedative” for Science Policy, Issues in Science and Technology Policy, Fall.

Pielke, R., Catastrophes of the 21st Century (July 25, 2020). Available at SSRN:

Burgess, M. G., Langendorf, R. E., Ippolito, T., & Pielke, R., Jr. 2020 (updated 16 December). Optimistically biased economic growth forecasts and negatively skewed annual variation.

Pielke, Jr., R. 2021 (in press). Economic “Normalization” of Disaster Losses 1998-2020: A Literature Review and Assessment, Environmental Hazards. (Twitter thread)

Saltelli, A., et al. (2020). Five ways to ensure that models serve society: a manifesto. Nature.

Pielke Jr, R., D. Collins, R. Crompton, P. Klotzbach, R. Musulin & J. Weinkle, 2020. Reply to: Improving normalized hurricane damages, Nature Sustainability, 8 June. (A reply to Martinez 2020)

Pielke, R. and Ritchie, J., Systemic Misuse of Scenarios in Climate Research and Assessment (April 21, 2020). Available at SSRN: or

Burgess, M. G., J. Ritchie, J. Shapland, and R. Pielke, Jr. 2020. IPCC Baseline Scenarios Over-project CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth. Environmental Research Letters. 25 November.

The Honest Broker Newsletter

President Biden and the Coming Czar Wars, 19 Dec 2020

WHO Declarations of Public Health Emergencies Need to Better Use Expert Advice, 7 Dec 2020

When Bad Science Serves Injustice Scientists Should Act, 4 Dec 2020

The Unstoppable Momentum of Outdated Science, 30 Nov 2020

Scientific Integrity and the Origins of Covid-19, 19 Nov 2020

Fixing the U.S. National Climate Assessment, 10 Nov 2020

Memo to President Biden: Five steps to getting more from science, 9 Nov 2020

The Blade Runner and the Burden of Proof, 2 Nov 2020

Schedule F and Trump’s New Politicization of Civil Service Expertise, 28 Oct 2020

Scientific Integrity in the Federal Agencies: An Unfinished Agenda, 26 Oct 2020

Federal Covid-19 Statistics as Science Advice: Trump Administration Violations of Federal Policy, 25 Oct 2020

Misc Commentary and Opinion

Pielke, Jr., R. 2020. Caster Semenya Case Exposes Design Flaws in International Sports Governance, Asser International Sports Law Blog, 10 September.

Pielke, Jr. R. 2020. The Mudfight Over ‘Wild-Ass’ Covid Numbers Is Pathological, WIRED, 22 April.

Pielke, Jr. R. 2020. Fealty Trumps Truth, 19 April.

Pielke, Jr., R. 2020. Did the Trump Administration Delay the WHO Emergency Declaration? 15 April.

Pielke, Jr. R. 2020. Eight Weeks Behind: Clarifying the Early U.S. Coronavirus Testing Failure, 13 April.

Pielke, Jr., R. 2020. Why Isn’t the White House Using the Nation’s Pandemic Experts? Slate, 10 April.

Forbes Energy Columns

Pielke, Jr., R. 2020. How Billionaires Tom Steyer And Michael Bloomberg Corrupted Climate Science, Forbes, 2 January.

Pielke, Jr., R. 2020. Three Rules for Accepting “Event Attribution” Studies, Forbes, 6 January.

Pielke, Jr. R. 2020. The Inconvenient Facts on Australian Bushfires, Forbes, 14 January.

Pielke, Jr. R. 2020. The Best News on Climate You’ve Never Heard, Forbes, 18 January.

Pielke, Jr. R. 2020. Why You Can’t Trust The Insurance Industry’s Secret Science On Climate Catastrophes, Forbes, 25 January.

Pielke, Jr. R. 2020. Understanding the Great Climate Science Scenario Debate, Forbes, 3 February.

Pielke, Jr., R. 2020. How Academic ‘Blacklists’ Impede Serious Work On Climate Science, Forbes, 9 February.

Pielke, Jr. R. 2020. Good News And Bad News As Carbon Dioxide Emissions Grow More Slowly Than Models Predict, Forbes, 18 February.

Forbes Sports Columns

Pielke, Jr. R. 2020. On Par With Doping: The First Person To Miss The Olympics For Wearing The Wrong Shoes, Forbes, 21 January.

Pielke, Jr., R. 2020. The Decline of Football is Real and It’s Accelerating, Forbes, 25 January.

Pielke, Jr., R. 2020. How Universities Are Changing Their Approach To Recruiting Student Athletes With Troubled Pasts, Forbes, 11 February.

Selected Podcasts and Videos


The Future of College Sports with Steve Magness, The Science of Running Podcast

Climate and Energy with Jack Aspinall

The Rightful Place of Science with Robert Bryce, The Power Hungry Podcast

ICE Regulations and International Students, Radio 1190, University of Colorado Boulder

COVID Knowledge, Technology, and Politics: Dispatches from Around the World, with Shobita Parthasarathy and Jack Stilgoe, The Received Wisdom Podcast

Ethics, Norms, Rules and Cheating in Elite Sport, Outspoken Podcast

BBC Inquiry on RCP8.5, BBC


Discussion of Blake Leeper case, Asser Sports Law

COVID-19 and Science Advice in the Americas: INGSA

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  1. Re: your recent Forbes article “Best News On Climate You Never Heard: “Per capita” measures are a BS way to measure climate change mitigation efforts when population is increasing by ~81 million per year and carrying capacity is maybe 4 billion tops. Increasing population cancels out most mitigation efforts, sometimes within mere hours or days.
    Example: 10 people (5 couples) cause 50 tons of ghg per year each (way low estimate)
    (10×50=500 tons/year total)

    Improvements reduce the “per capita” amount to 40 tons per year each
    (10×40=400 tons/year total)

    But 2 of those couples have 2 kids,
    adding 4 people to the existing 10
    Now at 14 people x 40 tons per year each =
    560 tons/year total


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