New Paper: Scientific Integrity and Anti-Doping Regulation


Our paper (co-authored with Prof. Erik Boye), Scientific Integrity and Anti-Doping Regulation, has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics.

We evaluate recent experience in anti-doping from the standpoint of scientific integrity, and specifically we focus on:

  • Doping prevalence is central to understanding the magnitude of the problem of doping as well as the effectiveness of anti-doping practices;
    Performance benefits and health risks are the two evidence-based criteria of the WADA Code;
  • Errors and inconsistencies in accusation are central to the due process rights of athletes under the implementation of the WADA Code;
  • The evaluation of anti-doping policies is a central element of determining if policies and regulations being implemented are actually working to address the problem of anti-doping.
  • We identify series of systemic shortfalls in the recent use of evidence in anti-doping regulation. A consequence of a departure from grounding anti-doping in evidence is increased chances of inconsistent and arbitrary decision-making, thereby challenging the legitimacy of the international anti-doping regime.

We recommend four options to help improve scientific integrity in anti-doping:

  • Prevalence monitoring by an independent body of experts;
  • Reduce the size of the prohibited list, based on scientific evidence;
  • Strengthen athlete due process;
  • Conduct rigorous policy evaluation of the effectiveness of anti-doping

For a pre-publication copy, please email me.

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